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Indoor Wayfinding Applications
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Here2There™ features:
  • Interactive Digital Wayfinding for Kiosk, LCD, Web and Mobile
  • ADA Compliant design
  • Easily integrate into existing digital signage
  • Data-driven digital wayfinding
  • Manage every display unit with easy-to-implement, instantaneous updates.
  • Move departments, close-off hallways, offer alternate accessible routes
  • Multi-language capable
  • Integration into reservation systems
  • Training Provided (On-site or remote)
  • Point of Reference Icons or Photos
  • Much more.

  • Digital Wayfinding BLOG
    Digital Wayfinding White Paper
    Knowledge base, News, Art
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Whether from strategically located kiosks/touchscreens, one's laptop, mobile, or any other device, Here2There™ Digital Wayfinding helps users find their way around any campus, hospital, conference center, mall, park, or any other location, indoor or out.

Utilizing clear, user-friendly interface designs, H2T dynamically generates directions from any starting point to any destination. Directions are displayed in a graphic representation, as well as text directions, (which can be printed or scanned via QR Codes) or with speech readers, making it usable for all.

Locations can display alternative routes during certain times of the day, or in the event of crowd overflow, show optimal routes for those with limited mobility, incorporate emergency routing in the events of inclement weather or emergency situations, and more.

H2T can be used as a multilingual system, is customizable to bolster brand identity and able to support advertising for additional revenue or to provide public service information.

Here2There™'s easy-to-use content management system allows for quick client side updates which can go "live" immediately.

H2T can be utilized as a stand-alone application or easily be integrated into existing digital signage content. Show weather, news, meeting information, class schedules, calendars, staff listing, advertising, public transit schedules, and more.

Download the Here2There™ Product Guide for more information.

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